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NEW: The symposium talk transparencies are now available on the Web, from the Symposium page.

As we approach the millennium, cosmology couldn't be more exciting. We are entering an era of precision cosmology, where an avalanche of data will confront theoretical ideas born of the the inner space/outer space connection. Foremost of these ideas is inflation. It appears likely that within a few years the key tenets of inflation will be tested. We feel that time is ripe for a meeting devoted to inflation, and have organized the Pritzker Symposium and Workshop on the Status of Inflationary Cosmology. The city of Chicago agreed with us: Its Project Millennium, a year-long program to celebrate and to reflect upon the millennium, will have its official beginning with the opening of the new Pritzker Gallery of Cosmology at the Adler Planetarium and our Symposium. This meeting will provide an overview of major developments in cosmology of relevance to the inflationary universe scenario, as well as a forum for recent theoretical and observational results.

Follow links to further information on the symposium, the workshop, accommodations, the banquet, and registration. One must register, paying a $100 registration fee, in order to attend. If you need more information please contact

                Carrie Eder
                Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
                The University of Chicago
                5640 South Ellis Avenue
                Chicago, Illinois 60637 USA
                phone: (773)702-8203
                fax:   (773)702-8212
or via e-mail at eder@oddjob.uchicago.edu.

During the symposium and workshop, the registration desk phone number is (773) 702-0183.

Local Organizing Committee
Scott Dodelson, Evalyn Gates, Josh Frieman, Rocky Kolb, Angela Olinto,
Albert Stebbins, Ewan Stewart, Michael Turner
Liz Duty, Carrie Eder

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