TeV Particle Astrophysics
13-15 July 2005. Fermilab, Batavia, IL

Preliminary Program

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Wednesday 13

Thursday 14
Friday 15
Room: 1 West
Chair: Scott Dodelson
Room: 1 West
Chair: Gianfranco Bertone
Room: 1 West
Chair: Rocky Kolb







P. Oddone

G. Bertone
Introduction and Overview

A. Loeb
Gamma-rays from Intergalactic shocks

P. Meszaros
TeV Photons and Neutrinos from GRB, SN and AGN

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S. Swordy
The new generation of imaging air cerenkov gamma-ray telescopes

J. Cohen-Tanugi
GLAST: Status and Science Prospects

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F. Stecker
Gamma-Ray opacity of the Universe and high energy astrophysics tests of Lorenz Invariance

T. Baltz
Dark Matter and Data

T. Tait
Dark Matter Candidates from Theories with Extra Dimensions

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D. Merritt
Dynamics of Dark Matter at Galaxy Centers

J. Diemand
The distribution of cold Dark Matter in the Galaxy

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F. Halzen
The Highest Energy Particles: Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays and Neutrinos

F. Aharonian
TeV Gamma Rays and the Origin of Cosmic Rays

D. Finkbeiner
WMAP Microwave Emission Interpreted as Dark Matter Annihilation in the
Inner Galaxy

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J. Beacom
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  Who will neutrino the neutrinos?
L. Anchordoqui

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Wednesday 13
Thursday 14 Friday 15
Afternoon Afternoon
Parallel Session 1:
Gamma-Ray Experiments
Chair: Olga Mena
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 West
Parallel Session 1:
Chair: Dan Hooper
(1.30pm - 4 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 West
Parallel Session 1:
Dark Matter Distribution and detection
Chair: David Merritt
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 East

B. Dingus
Surveying the TeV Sky with Milagro

S. Swordy
The VERITAS gamma-ray telescope array

T. Coarasa
The MAGIC Telescope Project. Status and Results

W. Benbow
H.E.S.S. Performance and Results

J. Kildea
The Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE)


The ANTARES Neutrino Telescope

I. Albuquerque
Looking for SUSY in the Ice

D. Seckel
Updated limits to the UHE neutrino flux from the RICE experiment

A. Connolly
Searching for Ultra High Energy Neutrinos With ANITA and SalSA

M. Stamatikos
Probing for Leptonic Signatures from GRB030329 with AMANDA-II

A. Karle
Status of IceCube and Results from AMANDA II

A. Zentner
Substructure in Cold Dark Matter Halos

A. Natarajan
Caustics in galactic halos

L. Pieri
Annihilation of Dark Matter in Clumpy Halos

E.-J. Ahn
Gamma-Ray background from Dark Matter annihilations in Spikes

B. McElrath
Light Dark Matter and Invisible Quarkonium Decays

Parallel Session 2:
TeV Particle Physics
Chair: Bogdan Dobrescu
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+3 mins. talks)
Room: Curia II (2nd floor, West side)
Parallel Session 2:
Dark Matter Searches
Chair: Albert Stebbins
(1.30pm - 4 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: Curia II (2nd floor, West side)

Parallel Session 2:
Astroph. Sources of High-Energy Radiation
Chair: John Beacom
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 West

M. Battaglia
Understanding Dark Matter at the LHC and ILC

C. Balazs
The supersymmetric origin of matter

A. Freitas
Light stops: connecting cosmology with (linear) colliders

F. Takayama
SuperWIMP dark matter and the prospects for future colliders

H. Cheng
Little Higgs Theories and Dark Matter

H. Baer
Neutralino Dark Matter: Direct, Indirect and Collider Detection   

N. Padmanabhan
Detecting dark matter annihilation with CMB polarization

C. Hailey
Indirect Dark Matter Search with Antideuterons: Progress and Future Prospects of GAPS

D. Bauer
Direct Detection of Dark Matter

A. Sonnenschein
COUPP: A Bubble Chamber Search for Dark Matter at Fermilab

K. Ni
Current status and prospects for the XENON dark matter search experiment

L. Duffy
Axion Dark Matter Search

F. Yusef-Zadeh

Multi-Wavelength Observations of Sgr A*

T. Prodanovic
Diffuse Gamma Rays: A Model Independent Constraint

C. Dermer
TeV Emission from the Galactic Center Black Hole Plerion

D. Torres
The High-Energy emission from star forming regions

V. Pavlidou
Analytical Modeling of Cosmic Accretion Shocks: The Role Of Environment

Parallel Session 3:
DM Indirect Detection
Chair: Gianfranco Bertone
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 East
Parallel Session 3:
Cosmic Rays
(1.30pm - 4 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: 1 East
Parallel Session 3:
Cosmic Rays
Chair: Angela Olinto
(1.30pm - 3.45 pm, 20+5 mins. talks)
Room: Curia II (2nd floor, West side)
J. Gaskins
Detecting Neutralino Dark Matter in the Large Magellanic Cloud

S. Profumo
How heavy can neutralinos be? Implications for TeV gamma rays

Whipple observations of TeV emission from the Galactic center

F. Ferrer
TeV gamma-rays from Dark Matter annihilations

M. Tripathi
Dark Matter search via a Gamma Ray Survey of Draco (CACTUS)

M. Lemoine
Extra-galactic magnetic fields and high energy cosmic rays

G. Thomson
Results from the HiRes experiment

K. Belov
Proton--air inelastic cross-section measurement at ultra--high energies by HiRes

K. Belov
Primary cosmic ray mass--composition at ultra--high energies measured by HiRes

A. Sill
Cross Section Issues in Cosmic Rays Physics
T. Stanev
HIgh Energy Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays

S. Ando
TeV neutrinos from jets in core-collapse supernovae

T. AbuZayyad
Cross-checks of the HiRes Monocular Flux Measurements

J. Matthews
Search for cross-correlations of UHECRs with BL Lac Objects with HiRes

A. Taylor
The Impact of Heavy Nuclei on the Cosmogenic Neutrino Flux

Wednesday 13
Special Events
Thursday 14

Friday 15

4pm Fermilab Colloquium, 1 West
Felix Aharonian
Astrophysics and Cosmology with TeV

6pm Barbecue at the Barn

4pm Poster Session and  PAC Open House

4pm Joint Theoretical-Experimental Seminar
, 1 West
A. Chou (FNAL)

First scientific Results of the Pierre Auger

5pm Olga Mena
Concluding Remarks