Workshop on
Neutrino News from the Lab and the Cosmos

Fermilab, October 17 - 19, 2002
This workshop will focus on cosmological and terrestrial probes of neutrino masses and mixing, highlighting the implications of recent results, and aiming to bring together members of the particle and astrophysics communities. Particular emphasis will be placed on the interplay and complementarity of cosmological and laboratory-based methods of determining neutrino properties, and future directions in both venues.

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Schedule of talks

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Local organizing committee:
Kev Abazajian & Nicole Bell
John Beacom, Janet Conrad, Scott Dodelson, Josh Frieman & Boris Kayser

General information and accomodation

Information about security, computing and e-mail access, dining, etc., is available here.

A list of local restaurants will be available at the workshop secretariat.

General information about Fermilab, and travel between Chicago's O'Hare airport and Fermilab is available here.

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 We will not be organizing any special transportation between Fermilab and the hotels, so we encourage you to rent a car..

On-site Housing
Fermilab has limited on-site accommodation for visitors, located in the Fermilab Village. Dormitory-type rooms are available at the rate of $13.50 to $18 per night. Each room has a single bed and telephone, with central shower/bath facilities, kitchens and lounge areas located within each dormitory. Reservations for rooms may be made through the Housing Office, by emailing Please mention you are attending the workshop.

For further information, contact Kev Abazajian or Nicole Bell